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Increase your profit immediately to 42%*,

Practically eliminate staffing problems and set yourself up for MASSIVE growth – Outsource Accounting jobs to our high quality, well trained Outsourced Accountants, Specialists and Bookkeepers.

Outsourcing Made Easy with BOSS


Solve Your Staff Issues the Easy Way. Get fast access to experienced outsourced accountants with New Zealand’s premium outsourcing accounting provider – BOSS Back Office Shared Services.

At BOSS, we:

  • Have a secure web portal (more secure than Dropbox) for you to upload documents.
  • Have the same accounting software as you and the same version (or compatible version)
  • Provides an outsourcing accounting checklist depending on the type of job being done.
  • Are able to customise the way we process outsourcing accounting jobs to more closely match how you do it.

Unlike other outsourcing accounting providers, we offer the ultimate in flexibility. We can work YOUR way using YOUR procedures just like your staff. You have the choice of us working online on your network, in the cloud OR you can simply upload work to our NZ based secure server if you prefer. You can communicate directly with your outsourced accountant to maintain complete control.


Outsource Accounting can be a great solution to solve staffing issues and expand your business. There are two main things to get it right:

  • Organisation: You may not yet have an Administrator who can be a CSA and that shouldn’t hold you back from outsource accounting work. It is most important to be systematic, then as resources allow, get leverage with a CSA as soon as you can.
  • Communication: A good outsource accounting provider should allow you to have direct contact with the accountant doing the work. The communication can be as easy as dealing with in-house staff.

  • You receive top-tier outsource accounting I.T. security. While we offer a number of different ways for you to set up the I.T. end of how you work with your overseas team when you outsource accounting services, we almost always recommend cloud computing as being the most efficient way to go.
  • Outsource accounting security and software is upgraded for you. However when you use an accounting software that’s all handled for you, all you have to do is have your programs automatically update the client-side software on occasion.

(Outsourced Accountants)

We here at BOSS love helping new firms get their start, and we’d like to talk to you about how using a virtual accountant can help you get up and running. Having BOSS’ deep pool of trained virtual accountants means you’ll be able to quickly get up and running on whatever service your client needs next.

Your virtual accountants are going to help you achieve these goals.

How? By freeing up your time, and:

  • Be Able to Show How You’re Different
  • Set Goals
  • Document How You Prefer to Work
  • Fill in Your Quiet Times
  • Get Feedback

Here are 3 major benefits of virtual accountants that even a one-man or woman firm can put to good use.

  • Top-notch Security is Built into the System
  • You’ll Get More Mileage Out of Your Clients’ Information
  • You’ll Save a Lot of Time and Money

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The Complete Guide to Outsourcing Accounting Work Ebook

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*A profit increase to 42% was reported by one of our clients – your results may differ.

  • The fact that we didn’t have to employ another qualified accountant was probably a $100K saving a year.

    - Vince Ilarda of Prosperity Accountants

  • We needed to lift our efficiency and we weren’t going to do that with the way we were outsourcing before… BOSS’s flexibility – being able to work without assistance, our processes, our work papers, makes it efficient.

    - Greg Borchard of MCB Accounting

  • The BOSS model and the way it works is fantastic. I would highly recommend people looking into it; it does provide a great solution.

    - David Perrott of Advisers to Growing Business

  • Nothing but positive to me… The quality of work is fantastic… It’s been a great concept to me and to hopefully grow my business.

    - Michael Adams of Adams Johnston

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