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Is Your Quality of Service High Enough?

The problem is that many accountants don’t really feel like they’re in a service industry. Instead, their position is accounting is an essential business and, being essential, it will automatically have clients. This leads to grist-mill firms that revolve around compliance work.   Read More

Not Growing Fast Enough? You Might Need To Clarify Your Strategy

One of the mistakes we see new firm owners make time and again is that they see the start of their firm as an end. This is not true. Throwing open the proverbial doors of your firm is only one step in many in building a business that pays you your true value. For this to work, you’re going to need a concrete game-plan.  Read More

Bad Hires Are Your Mistake

By using a personality test alongside the usual resumes and interviews you’ll end up with a much clearer picture of how a potential hire will fit into your firm. Now you’ll know not only what you’re hiring (the skill-set and experience) but whom you’re hiring, allowing you to build a more versatile team.  Read More

How to Properly Take Your Firm’s Temperature

It’s a fairly obvious thing to do – in order to figure out if your firm is blossoming or withering you set up a measuring stick and make a notch each financial quarter. What is perhaps not quite so obvious is what those notches should represent. An auto-shop can have the most efficient tools in the world, but the garage itself isn’t going to prosper if there aren’t happy clients wanting them to be used. So, in terms of your firm’s health, what should you be measuring instead?   Read More

Should You Be Charging More?

There’s a common chain of events that plagues struggling accounting firms. To stay competitive there’s only one thing you can really do – lower your prices. And all the while you’re scrambling to grab up even more low-value clients which in itself costs more time, and of course it also means you’re continuously adding to your workload just to break even.  Read More

Tips for Attracting High-end Clients

If your firm is still in its infant stages, how do you attract these big-time clients? Let’s use this article to flip things around a bit and look at accounting firms through the eyes of an A-lister on the prowl for an accountant and/or business advisor.  Read More

Quick Tips to Help You Become a Better Leader

As you grow your firm’s team you’re going to discover that being an accounting wizard does not translate into being a top tier leader. The weaker your leadership skills, the more you’re going to have to make up for the lackluster performance turned in by your team. That defeats the whole purpose of bringing in new people in the first place. Happily, leadership qualities can be grown, just like your accounting skillset. Here are some leadership tips to keep in mind as you bring new people in under you.  Read More

Affordable Employee Perks for Small Firms

The ultimate point is that there’s no need to break the bank in order to offer cool perks. Like anything else in building a business, choosing the best perks is an experiment. Don’t be afraid to tweak and tinker your offered perks until you hit on a combination that has your employees praising your name on their Facebook account.  Read More

Get Good at Growth

We talk about growth a lot in our emails to you. It’s why BOSS exists – to help Australian and New Zealand firms attain growth. That’s why it’s important to us that we’re all on the same page about what “growth” really is.  Read More

Have You Still Not Gone Paperless?

Looking to boost your firm’s efficiency? It’s time to go paperless. There are programs and apps out there now to cover just about any need you have, from file workflows to interoffice communications. The big question though is why make the change at all? Here are 12 solid reasons why you should join your competition in the digital age.  Read More

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